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Everyone should own at least one pair of plimsolls so if you are guilty of not having some or if you have that old pair under the stairs which never see daylight, then today is the day to change that. Here at, we offer a huge range of woman’s plimsolls from plain casual ones to snazzy Speckled Metallic Checked Flatforms. Setting aside time to put your shoes on before going out will be a myth once you’ve discovered our collection of easy slip-on flats that will just slide on as your walking out the door; perfect if you’re someone who is always in a rush. But if laces are your thing, then both our causal and floral lace-up plimsolls will fill that missing spot in your shoe collection. Our woman’s plimsolls have been designed to suit any kind of casual outfit so when you’re stuck about choosing what shoes to wear, these funky flats will always be the answer. When wearing trainers make your outfit look too under-dressed, a pair of our sparkly cheap plimsolls will be just the things to slip on before you head for a night out in town with your friends. Check out the variety we are offering today and get the plimsolls you’ve always wanted for just £5.

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