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Peplum Dresses

Everyday peplum dresses – mini, maxi, and midi lengths

The peplum dresses add undeniable flair. Their unique shape accentuates and creates beautifully feminine curves and adds a chic sense of voluminous style. While many fashion lovers believe that this style is a new fashion trend, it actually has a dramatic silhouette with a pretty long fashion history. The style originated in Ancient Greece. Originally worn by both men and women, Grecian stylists wore loose fitting wool like a short skirt, tied around their waists over tunics, adding draping and volume. During the Renaissance Era, these clothes reinvented themselves as structured garments extending outward from the hips. In the 1940’s, they we’re currently familiar with first emerged.

Womens peplum dress history – buy cheap dresses at E5P

Women’s fashion designers used pleating to create a cinched waist and curvy hips for a hourglass shape. In the 1980’s, a new version of the peplum dress came into mainstream fashion. It rested at the hips and had multiple layers, creating fullness in the skirts. A variety of options were born; some versions had a seam at the waist of the peplums tapering down to a V, other styles had uneven hems and crisscrossed draping. In the spring of 2012, the style came back into fashion, remaining one of the most popular trends ever since. As it continued to evolve, many styling options now exist for the modern versions. At Everything5Pounds, we love these dresses and the flattering classiness they add to any outfit. Enjoy our lovely selection of budget models. The style is offered in a wide range of fabrics, textures, and colours; suitable for both dressier day looks as well as evening events. We offer a great variety - high waisted, the jacket, the top, and many others. It’s amazing what 5 pounds can get you. You can buy trendy and cheap peplum dresses here or to check our new arrivals.