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Shift Dress

Buy shift dresses for women – choose mini, maxi, or midi shift dress

This kind of style is a iconic look in women’s fashion. Our range of beautiful, cheap models will provide you a flattering style of apparel which is easy to move in and always on trend. In it’s fashion origin, this style was part of an important cultural change. When did it appear on the fashion scene? Well, in the 1920’s “flapper” style was the first to emerge, revamping women’s fashion with their short hemlines and dropped waistlines, skimming the body rather than sucking it in. Great women’s fashion designers like Chanel began creating it for the modern woman’s lifestyle. Since fashion also strongly reflected party culture, this part of clothing was a perfect match, being both trendy and freeing for nightlife fashion. It became a symbol of independence since the loose cut prioritized comfort over constriction. Though the similar clothes of the 1950’s were an unsuccessful trend, shift dresses made a fantastic fashion comeback in the 1960’s. The 60’s this style had bust darts and a straight or a-line skirt, and this substantially more tailored material caught on quickly with fashionable women of the era. Like the flapper versions, it gave women freedom in their fashion and lifestyles. This style rose again as the chic, modern fashionista’s lifestyle choice, known as “mod” fashion amongst London youth.

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A variety of women’s fashion designers innovated it. Famous contributions to the legacy are Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black version she wore in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and Jacqueline Kennedy, who frequently wore beautiful posh designer versions. At Everything5Pounds, we have a great range of top-quality models for cheap, in a variety of different styles, fabrics, colors, cuts and silhouettes. You can wear your shift clothes in a casual style by day, or belt it and dress it up with trendy cheap heels and accessories for nights out and events. Find a super easy chic outfit solution to stay on trend on a budget. It’s amazing what 5 pounds can get you.