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When summer heads our way, we start looking for a pair of those everyday shorts to keep us looking chic and keep us feeling cool, whether you’re heading for a the classic denim paired with a simple teem or keeping it casual with a vest top  - Everything5Pound has the range you need for all the occasions you have coming up.  

Cheap and choice are the primary goals, and you will not be disappointed. Show the true meaning of short with affordable hotpants to add fun and flare to your wardrobe as an incredibly popular fashion staple. We cater to those exercise regimes too with our low cost running shorts to keep you feeling trendy and fit as well as having a range of the classic skort-short to give you that cool and quirky look with little effort and inexpensive cost. We love a cheap and cheerful casual short, but one better than this is a cheap and chic pair of smart shorts – use this style to dress up through the hot days or keep you feeling cool on the summer nights.  

We are happy to offer a range of smart shorts in a variety of colours for you to choose from. Whatever your style and whatever the occasion, Everything5Pounds will have the selection of shorts for you, and it will all feel like a bargain.