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What is a Kimono top for women and why is it so cool?

The kimono top is a loose cape with wide and long/quarter length sleeves, which can be worn with a belt or open. They are made from a wide variety of fabrics - from densely printed jacquard to fine silk. This style has come to replace cardigans and jackets - the functions are the same, but it looks much more spectacular and chicer. Originally, 'kimono' was the Japanese word for clothing, currently used as a general term for traditional Japanese clothing. Japanese kimonos originated as separate upper and lower garments (trousers or skirts), or one-piece garments. In the Heian period (794-1192), a new ones-making style emerged; the straight-line-cut method, cutting the fabric in straight lines. Straight-line-cut kimonos have advantages: easy to fold, suitable for all weather, and can be worn in layers. As layered types came into fashion, Japanese people developed affordable types of different color combinations for seasonal colors or their political class. As warriors wore their leader’s kimono colors, battlefields became as showy as our modern fashion shows. It became more valuable, handing them down to children as family heirlooms. Now, this kind of clothing is a trendy element of the image and we have a large collection presented in E5P at affordable prices. The main advantage is that it is a very versatile clothing thematically. You can wear it to a business meeting, a movie, a picnic, or a date at an expensive restaurant. The women's kimono tops are very self-sufficient, you can wear them directly over your linen and feel at home and relaxed wherever you are, at work, on the subway, at a party, or in a bar.

Total look with women's cheap kimonos- what to wear them with?

Since recently, massive masculine forms are popular, you can wear one ladies kimono, even without a belt. Today they can and should be worn with jeans. Jeans themselves are the quintessence of everyday style. When you wear our overtly sexy bodycon dresses, your look will be stunning. You can combine our cheap kimono top with anything - jeans, shorts, dresses. Even based on the simplest and most inexpensive things, you can assemble a delightful image by complementing it with such a style.