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Wearing a backpack is the easiest and most practical way of carrying our belongings around with us, but we all know that finding a trendy one with a nice design can sometimes be a bit tricky. Here at Everything5Pounds, we want to put an end to the struggle and provide you with your perfect rucksack today. Our women’s backpacks are appropriately designed in order for them to be put to good use. With a large, spacious inside, they will allow you to fit in a great deal of items, coming in very handy at times when you can’t fit all of your belongings in that small, cramped handbag. Available in the latest and most fashionable styles, our backpacks come in subtle, understated colours in order to look good with all kinds of different outfits. Both our contrast and multi duck-print pouch backpacks are suitable to wear with any form of casual clothes and will have heads turning as you walk down your local high street. Take the unbearable weight off your arms today and pick out your favourite, cheap backpack for just £5 here at

Women's Backpacks

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