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Studded Glittery High Top Trainers

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Studded Glittery High Top Trainers For £5!
- P: 4"/SL: 4"
- Standard Size
- Standard Fit

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Overall Rating4.0

awkward and will take a bit of work to get on


ok so the shoes were true to size in length and width. the zip on the front took me a day or so and some lubricating to get it to work properly. at first i thought they were defective and so sent an email. although they were a pain in the bum to get on to begin with as the zip wouldnt close properly and kept getting stuck and as a result i had to lubricate it a bit, these are some of the comfiest shoes i own. and im kind of enjoying how the sole is higher than your average trainer. shorties like me need all the help we can get. i will say there was alot of glitter in the box that had fallen off the shoes and there are some bits where you can tell tey are not amazing quality (bits where you can see the adhesive or they have used too much and not wiped the excess off) but for five pounds not a bad show really.

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