Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our business!

1. Why is it so cheap?

Because we have the vast experience in the fashion business and our contacts from all over the world are working for us around the clock! We believe women's fashion trends are changing so fast that our customers should have the right to fill up their wardrobes without having to pay a fortune!

2. Should I worry about the quality of the items?

No, not at all. If you go out and pop in to one of your local fashion stores you will find exactly the same products being sold there at a price that is three times higher than ours. Localization of fashion business is one of the biggest factors of the soaring prices in the industry. We offer you a high quality of fashion range at only £5.00 and you will not find a better price.

3. Can I return my items if they do not fit me?

Of course you can. We give you the option of returning the items that you do not wish to keep and guarantee 100% refund if that is the case.

4. Are you going to get more stock?

Everyday. Please sign up for a newsletter so not to miss out on any fantastic product we have got on offer. We add new products everyday but we run out of some items everyday too.

Please send your questions to if they are not listed above.

Our phone lines are open during working hours Monday - Friday (not including bank holidays).

Enjoy the 5 star experience!