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Burgundy Quilted Chain Bag

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 Burgundy Quilted Chain Bag For £5!
- 100% PU
- Height: 6", Width: 10", Depth: 1.5"
- Twist Lock Fastening
- Detachable Strap 

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Overall Rating5.0


This bag gave me a bit of a surprise - in a positive way. First: The chain is actually a full size chain, I had thought it was one to tug around my wrist and bought it for that reason, but I don't mind at all, will simply double up the chain and that's a clutch then :-) Inside (they never show they insides, do they?) it was surprisingly roomy. Don't you like it, when there's enough space and loads of little areas one can sort one's belongings in? This bag is bigger on the inside. Woohoo. It has 3 compartments. The back: roomy, with three rectangular inside pockets next to each other. Not big enough for a smartphone, but hey, there's plenty of space in front of those pockets. The middle: A zipped inside bag. Possibly great for cash or easy to lose items. The front: not as spacious as the back but still a free room to use for whatever PLUS various cardholder compartments (I think I've counted 8). This makes the bag a purse with a chain :-D "Feels" like leather. Chain is rather heavy, "gold pleated" style.

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